Versatile and complete: Pulled Meat – Frutaroms’ all round package around Pulled Pork.

Snack, lunch or dinners are increasingly offered with Pulled pork, and it is still growing in popularity.

Until now Pulled Pork is mainly offered as burger or in sandwiches. Frutarom is taking it a step further and offers functional and taste giving ingredients for versatile variations with pork, but also beef and turkey. To round off this package, there are two sauces to give the Pulled Meat specialties some extra flavor.

The new seasonings convince with their hearty and typical for Pulled Pork, smoky flavor. They are recommended for an application either with pork, beef or poultry, but are interchangeable and can be combined with your preferred meat. The functional ingredient ensures that the meat remains juicy during the cooking process.

The new Frutarom recipe booklet Pulled Meat contains numerous recipe ideas for wraps, pizzas or salads with the pulled meat. Next to versatility, the dishes are characterized by their great taste and success is guaranteed. Pulled Meat by Frutarom – we have the products to take Pulled Meat to the next level.