Pulled pork is considered the supreme discipline of barbeque. Its typical preparation originally comes from the US. The meat is slow-cooked for over 10 hours, after that it can easily be pulled into small shreds with a fork.   It gains awareness and popularity in Europe. Frutarom offers a new complete package to prepare Pulled Pork consisting of functional ingredients, seasoning and sauces.


Spring is in the air! And with spring, appetite comes for light meals with fresh ingredients. In two recipe brochures FRUTAROM has collected recipes for spring and grilling.

With the new Lucullus Sauces range FRUTAROM Savory Solutions has compiled the most popular classic sauces. The range consists of a gravy sauce, a sauce for roast, a chasseur and a velouté sauce. Two Sauce Thickeners (light and dark) round off the range. The convenience sauces are easy to  use – success guaranteed.

Marinade in a Bag: full of taste, no effort. The concept is simple and effective. As the name says, the marinade comes in a bag